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The microbial content of air in HVAC System / plant is crucial. In fact a regular monitoring of these systems / ambients has the purpose to reduce the air bioburden and this means reduction / elimination of mold contamination to avoid Building Related Illness (BRI), Mold Related Illness (MRI), Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

The new generation of TRIO.BAS™ microbial air samplers is the answer to these requests.

Innovative characteristics: 100 or 200 l/m aspiration air to reduce operator time, bayonet aspirating head and light weight to facilitate manipulation, IP65 for protection from dust and water, antibacterial surface to reduce contamination risk, “Daily Shift” gamma irradiated aspirating head to reduce contamination risk, Bluetooth or cable for data transfer, data tracing for sample integrity, induction or cable battery charger, I.Q., O.Q., P.Q. documentation, documentation according to GLP, GMP, GAP.

All these characteristics are part of “TRIO.BAS™ MICROBIOLOGICAL AIR SAMPLER”.



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