Aspirating Head for TRIO.BAS™ air samplers


  • Each microbial air sampling cycle, or group of sampling in the same controlled environment, with an active air sampler, requires the use of a sterile aspiration head.
  • Stainless steel aspiration heads should be sterilized by autoclaving and a sterilization document must be filled in, as requested by regulatory inspectors.
  • The process of sterilization can be avoided by adopting sterile “Daily Shift” antistatic resin plastic heads that are double packed and complete with official certificates of sterilization by irradiation.


Stainless steel aspirating heads are fabricated with polished AISI 316 rated stainless steel. They are individually tested and given an identification number according to GLP and GMP
The lightweight aspirating head options allow easy operator handling and manipulation
The bayonet type closure simplifies the application to the aspirating chamber of the sampler and avoids the production of particulates
The head has 219 calibrated holes - 1mm diameter
Built in ISO 9001 premises


330 Stainless steel ASPI HEAD Contact 55 plate
331 Stainless steel ASPI HEAD Petri plate 90 mm
465 Cover head stainless steel to protect ASPI HEAD
334 Blind Head stainless steel to protect the Aspirating Chamber when not in use
336 Thermopolymer Aspi Head (AHTP-90) for Petri plate 90 mm (5xbox)