Who we areORUM

Orum International Srl is an Italian company born from the long experience acquired by Roberto and Sandro Ligugnana brothers in the world of scientific microbiology instruments.

_MG_0259After founding the company PBI International during the 70’, the activities of the Ligugnana brothers was concentrated on creating innovative solutions for microbiology with invention, marketing and production of tools to standardize microbiological controls in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, hospital and biotechnology fields.

In the 80’ they have designed, created and patented the first portable microbiological air sampler which became the reference tool for monitoring the microbiological contamination of the air.

After creating the first portable sampler, the Company today introduces a new model the TRIO.BAS (patented) taking advantage of the gained experience, together with the new technologies and application needs.

TRIO.BAS is a new portable instrument, unique in the market.


What our father taught us: “Quality where quality counts” and “To become partners of our customers”