N.29 – SAS Surface Air System History





1976 BAPD Slit to agar model
1977 BC SAS Anderson type air sampler
1978   SAS Prototype
1979 SAS Surface Air System Metal case with separate heavy battery metal case
1982 SAS Compact Metal body with incorporated heavy battery
1984 MTM-3 Stationary unit with 3 aspirating head
1992 SAS Super 90 Plastic case with incorporated new generation battery pack
1993 RODAC weight Surface monitoring
1993 Pitot Kit Validation System Differential manometer for volume of air validation
1994 SAS Super 90 CR Model for Clean Room
1995 Hjvac Contact Simple model for food field
1996 MTM-3 Plus Updated stationary unit
1996 Atrium Protection for aspirating head
1997 SAS 2000 New version SAS Super
1997 Hjvac Petri Simple model for food field
1998 Wind Tunnel – Validation  Sistem Anemometer for volume of air validation
1999 SAS Dust System with filter
2000 SAS Super 100 100 lts / minute
2002 Pinocchio Simplex Compressed gas application
2002 Microbiological Wind Tunnel Microbiological validation
2003 Politecnic Wind Tunnel – Validation  Sistem Differential manometer for volume of air validation
2003 SAS PCR Air sampling in liquid
2005 SAS Inox Complete inox body
2006 SAS Super 180 180 lts / minute
2006 SAS DUO Two Aspirating Heads
2006 Contact Sterile Dispo head Sterile Aspirating head
2007 Petri dish Sterile Dispo Head Sterile Aspirating head
2007 Pinocchio II Complete system for compressed gas
2007 DNA SAS Air sampling in liquid
2007 SAS Super ISO New electronics
2008 SAS Duo Two aspirating heads
2009 SAS Isolator Aspirating head separated from the body
2010 SAS Personal Personal Model for operator in biological high risk environment