N.65 – Microbial air monitoring in Isolators


Monitoring of atmosphere inside isolators is very critical in maintaining high quality standards. In fact there are risks in using portable environmental samplers because they must be introduced each time you sample.

“TRIO.BAS Isolator” from ORUM International in Milan  is a dedicated instrument for this application.

The sampling aspirating chamber of “TRIO.BAS Isolator” is compact, manufactured in stainless steel; the command – control unit is separated and positioned outside from the isolator. The compact design save space inside the isolator. The connection is only for power and doesn’t compromise the isolator integrity. No vacuum, valves and s/s tubing are involved. The use of “Shift Head” sterile certified aspirating head simplify the daily activity and reduce contamination risk. Three independent separated aspirating chambers are connected to the central command unit.

It is also very easy to install. The simplicity of the system avoids the extraction and control of air, eliminating risk of contamination.

Continuous, delayed, interval time sampling cycles are possible.

The “TRIO.BAS Isolator” system produced by ORUM International in Milan, Italy is compatible with the most commonly used sterilizing agents.

Contact plates (RODAC) or Petri dish can be used and the continuous sampling time for 1000 liters of air is about 3 minutes.

The “TRIO.BAS Isolator” is the ideal microbiological air sampler to be used in combination with the particle counter.