N.66 – Air sampling in Hospital


Microbial contamination monitoring in operating theatre of hospital

The microbiological contamination in operating theatre is an important parameter to be considered to reduce / eliminate the risks of infections in hospital during surgery.

The microbiological monitoring of this critical environment has two specific goals:

A. to confirm the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system and the sterile unidirectional air flow are working regularly;

B. to confirm the staff is following a correct aseptic protocol.

The “TRIO.BAS air sampler from ORUM International in Milan for the Hospital sector has been development to reach the listed purposes. Air and surfaces are both involved. The air is monitored by TRIO.BAS; 1000 litres of air are collected in 3 minutes.

The surfaces are monitored by Contact plates (RODAC) by contact for 10 seconds on the surfaces that are considered at risk for a possible contamination. The hands and gloves of operators are also monitored.