N.73 – Air sampler disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of microbial active air samplers in Clean Room INTRODUCTION All the materials that are used with a microbial air sampler (protective aspirating head, aspirating head, body of the air sampler, bags, etc) should be cleaned and disinfected before the sampling cycles. CLEANING The external part of the air sampler should be treated […]


THE CHOISE AND USE OF AN ACTIVE MICROBIAL AIR SAMPLER The microbial air sampler must be carefully chosen because the characteristics of the instrument may impact heavily on usability, on implementing deadlines and consequently the final cost of such activities in terms of buying and managing the facility, man hours and efficiency of operations  The […]

N.70 – Test of spontneous generation

The history For many centuries many people believed in the concept of spontaneous generation, the creation of life from organic matter. Spontaneous generation is the hypothesis that some vital force contained in or given to organic matter can create living organisms from inanimate objects. Spontaneous generation was a widely held belief throughout the middle ages and into […]

N.69 – TRIO.BAS Air Sampler Biological efficiency test according ISO 14698-1

CMA – CENTRO DI MICROBIOLOGIA APPLICATA Via Cusago 154 20019 Settimo Milanese Laboratorio accreditato ACCREDIA n. 1087 Direttrice Dr Miriam Magrì Biological efficiency testing of several active microbiological air samplers according ISO14698-1 in a dedicated microbial wind tunnel. ABSTRACT The aim of this test was to assess the performances of different impactor microbial air samplers. […]

N.67 – Air sampling in food premises

Safe food with microbial air monitoring in production premises The microbial air monitoring in food, beverage and dairy production premises is an important factor to be considered. In fact clean air in production and storage building means better quality of food, longer self-life and better customer satisfaction. Cleanrooms and Controlled environments play an important role […]

N.66 – Air sampling in Hospital

Microbial contamination monitoring in operating theatre of hospital The microbiological contamination in operating theatre is an important parameter to be considered to reduce / eliminate the risks of infections in hospital during surgery. The microbiological monitoring of this critical environment has two specific goals: A. to confirm the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system and […]

N.65 – Microbial air monitoring in Isolators

Monitoring of atmosphere inside isolators is very critical in maintaining high quality standards. In fact there are risks in using portable environmental samplers because they must be introduced each time you sample. “TRIO.BAS Isolator” from ORUM International in Milan  is a dedicated instrument for this application. The sampling aspirating chamber of “TRIO.BAS Isolator” is compact, […]

N.64 – Full traceability

GAP (Good Air-Monitoring Practice) in Clean Room: Full Traceability The Good Manufacturing Practice and Pharmacopeial  request that all the data collected during the microbial air monitoring are registered with full traceability. The TRIO.BAS air samplers include the Barcode 1D or 2D or the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) to collect air volumes, date, hours, operator […]