The “GAP” (Good Air-Monitoring Practice) requests that all the material used for the microbiological monitoring of the environment is sterile and the inspector authorities ask to document the sterilization compliance. The “Shift-Head” sterile disposable aspirating head for microbiological air samplers of the TRIO.BAS air sampler family has been produced for this purpose. Each “Shift-Head” from […]

N.62 – Position of samplers in Cleanroom

The microbiological active air sampler should, in some particular situations, vertically positioned. This situation could be specifically problematic in Clean Room. If the air sampler is on top of a trolley and is transferred to the more critical points, it is necessary to fix the air sampler to obtain a complete stability. It is for […]

N.61 – Choose and comparation of samplers

Active Microbial Air Sampler idea The portable active microbial air sampler collects a pre-determined volume of air that impacts against agar-based growth culture medium contained in a Petri dish or contact plate. The aspiration is produced by a motor-fan. The plate is then incubated at appropriate temperature and the number of colonies (Colony Forming Unit […]

N.60 – Microrganism stress

Effect of Impact stress on microbial recovery on an agar surface of an active air sampler Microbial stress due to impaction of microorganisms onto an agar collection surface is difficult to experimentally demonstrate. Recovery and injury due to collection depends not only on the magnitude of the impaction velocity, but also on the degree to […]

N.59 – Hole impact distribution

Even distribution of air flow on the agar of Petri dish The purpose of the test was to verify the regular distribution of the air flow on the surface of agar of a 90 mm Petri dish. The evaluation is performed counting the number of the impact holes produced on the gar surface, after aspiration. […]

N.57 – SOP Microbial Compressed Air / Gas Sampling according ISO 8573-7

OBJECT The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure for compressed air / gas sampling, and reporting of the viable airborne particulates as part of environmental program, using TRIO.BAS GAS Microbial Air Sampler. PURPOSE This procedure applies for sampling and evaluation of compressed air quality for viable particulates using a Microbiological Air Sampler […]

N.55 – TRIO.BAS MINI Microbial Air Sampler Brief Illustrated Instructions

TRIO.BAS MINI Microbial Air Sampler Brief Illustrated Instructions 01 – The instrument: Air sampler with s/s aspirating head, battery charger. Sterile aspirating head (optional) 02 – Identify the plate 03 – Switch on the unit 04 – Programming: Select volume of air (if requested, operator name, place of sampling, plate identification) and confirm, pressing “GO” 05 – Remove the aspirating head 06 – Transfer […]

N.54 – Application of MPN in microbial air environmental tests

When the air is aspirated through the aspirating head of the air samplers indicated in the USP 1116 (Slit to agar samplers, Sieve impactors, Centrifugal samplers, Surface Air System) and micro-organisms impact upon the agar surface there is a statistical probability that the micro-organisms may land on top of each other and be visually interpreted as one single […]