Press Release N.2015-12-01-EN

Bacterial Air Monitoring The line of TRIO.BAS air samplers is news. Several models to cover different needs in term of investment and application: MINI, MONO, DUO, TRIO, ISOLATOR, COMPRESSED GAS. TRIO.BAS MINI Easy model is for customers that have a limited budget or have very few tests per week and do not need data transfer […]

Press Release N.2015-11-02

The Division Bacterial Air Monitoring of ORUM International today annunced the new Trio.Bas air sampler dedicated to the Clean Rooms: it is called “Trio” for the 3 aspirating heads on the same comand unit. The reasons to use a 3 heads aspirating heads in Clean Room is very simple: A. The risk of microbial contamination […]

Press Release N.2015-11-01

Innovations in Clean Room air sampling The Division Microbial Air Monitoring of ORUM International in Milan has today annunced the addition of a new air sampler to the Trio.Bas Family. The new unit is called Trio.Bas Isolator for isolators and RABS and offers all the benefits of Trio.Bas  with the advantages of installation of 3 […]