Press Release N.2016-09-01-TRIOBAS

“DAILY SHIFT” HEAD ENGLISH VERSION “DAILY SHIFT” STERILE ASPIRATING HEAD FOR TRIO.BAS Microbial Air Samplers • The materials that is used for microbiological testing should be sterile and, according to the cGLP and cGLP, a document of certification should prove that is has been correctly sterilised. • This rule is also valid for the aspiration […]

Press Release N.2016-06-03-EN-TRIOBAS

ASM and ICAAC – Microbe 2016 in Boston Hardy Diagnostics presented the TRIO.BAS microbial Air Samplers in Boston at the American Society for Microbiology and ICAAC meeting. The environmental microbiologists from all over the world had the opportunity to touch with thieir  hands the 18 advantages of this new generation of air samplers.

Press Release N.2016-05-01-EN

MICROBIAL MONITORING IN ISOLATOR Until today the typical monitoring of the air is generally performed using active impact samplers with a single head. There are now instruments available with two or three aspirating heads. This new generation of sampler gives the possibility to collect 1,000 litres of air for total bacterial count in less than […]

Press Release N.2016-03-01-ITA

SPALLANZANI E PASTEUR: IL TEST DELLA GENERAZIONE SPONTANEA L’Italiano Lazzaro Spallanzani nel 1700 ed il Francese Louis Pasteur nell’1800 sono stati i due scienziati che per primi hanno dimostrato la presenza di microrganismi nell’aria con diversi anni di sperimentazione. Dopo tre secoli è ora possibile eseguire lo stesso test in pochi minuti con la generazione […]

Press Release N.2016-03-01-EN

TEST OF SPONTANEUS GENERATION: Spallanzani and Pasteur  The Italian Lazzaro Spallanzani in 1700’s and the French Louis Pasteur in 1800’s were the two scientists who first demonstrate the presence of micro-organisms in the air after several years of experimentation. After three centuries it is now possible to perform the same test in a few minutes […]

Press Release N.2015-12-01-EN

Bacterial Air Monitoring The line of TRIO.BAS air samplers is news. Several models to cover different needs in term of investment and application: MINI, MONO, DUO, TRIO, ISOLATOR, COMPRESSED GAS. TRIO.BAS MINI Easy model is for customers that have a limited budget or have very few tests per week and do not need data transfer […]