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The Ligugnana family is on microbiological market from 1956

45 years of
air monitoring

We are developing and manufacturing portable microbiological air samplers since the early 1970s. The core of our business is today the environmental microbiology. Our fundamental values are professionalism, integrity and honesty.

The history and milestones timeline of the Ligugnana family in the world of Microbial Enviromental Monitoring

Our history

Our expertise

Specific environmental microbiology knowledge has been built creating long standing relationships with users; the intention is to clearly understand customers’ needs. We encourage customers feedback at all times and work with them to develop samplers which meet specific requirements.

Our values

Our aim is to be a premier supplier of microbiological air samplers for the pharma, biotechnology, food, dairy, agro, beverage, cosmetic, hospital, clinics, healthcare, biodefence army, HVAC providing the highest level of service throughout all aspects of business. We are convinced that maintaining good customer communication is a key component in building a successful relationship.

Our mission

“The quality where quality count” and “to be partner of our customers”.

Our future capabilities

We will continue to look at new developments according what the market and the legislation are asking for.

Research & Development

The reason of our success is the continuous focus of business on research and development in the microbial air monitoring.

Orum International is present in Europe, North, Central, and South America, Asia & Middle East, Oceania and Africa

Where we are