The microbial air samplers used in the Cleanroom of the pharma industries, according to the requests of regulatory authorities, must be calibrated at regular intervals (e.g.: every 6 or 12 months).

This service is performed in ORUM Calibration Laboratory in Milan in few working days (excluding shipping days).

Re-validation is also recommended if the air sampler was potentially damaged or the flow rate was compromised.

When the air sampler is received in ORUM Calibration Laboratory for repairing or the annual calibration, the technicians follow this protocol:

  • Instrument decontamination
  • Check for possible damages of the body
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of aspiration head
  • Cleaning and control of the aspiration chamber
  • Check of the battery performance and status
  • Calibration and regulation of the air flow rate
  • Software updating
  • Replacement of damaged parts with original components
  • Issue of the new certificate of calibration