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The concept of P.A.C.A.S. System

The 4 most common microbial tests performed in a cleanroom managed
by at least one TRIO.BAS instrument and one software

PACAS SYSTEM is not an instrument but a concept. Thanks to the BAS SW and the use of an air sampler, the customer can manage different methods of air monitoring.

The operator performs active and gas sampling using the dedicated samplers. Surface and passive sampling can be performed independently or with the help of TRIO.CPS (for surface) and SETTLE FAMILY (for passive sampling).

Data is recorded on the air sampler and then transferred and viewed on the BAS SW. This is a great advantage for all customers who want to take a record of different samples in one single place (BAS SW).

How it works

Preliminary consideration:
In the pharmaceutical filed, the new GMP rules request to control continuously the quality of the active air, passive air, surfaces and gas (if present).

Normally the operator needs an air sampler to perform an active sampling and a gas system to perform a gas sampling. Passive and surface sampling are pretty easy and they might not need additional devices. Unless the operator wants to standardize the sampling.

In order to attend the requirements of GMP, the firmware installed on TRIO.BAS air sampler is now enable to manage different type of sampling and not only the active air.
It means that data like the place or the Id of the plate used for a passive or a surface or a gas sampling, can be recorded manually by the operator on the air sampler, even though the sampling is not performed physically on the air sampler.
All this information can be transferred to the BAS SW in order to be recorded and exported in different format for trace or further analysis.
The entire life cycle of the plate ends when the plate is incubated. The operator can fill in the number of colonies counted and the pictures (only with CFU Photo Camera) in the BAS SW and export a complete report.

The most important features are:

  • Compliant with DATA INTEGRITY CFR21 annex 11
  • Track of the complete sampling process from plate to CFU recording
  • No modifiable data
  • Time saving
P.A.C.A.S. System Schema

BAS Software

BAS Software PC for TRIO.BAS Microbiological Air Sampler.

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CFU Photo Camera

Complementary device to BAS software for picture recording of culture plates.

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