BAS Software

“BAS” Software is a software which is complaint with CFR 21 Data Integrity as data attends the data standards of ALCOA:

  • Attributable as all individuals need to log in with a password
  • Legible as data is easy to understand and to be recorded permanently
  • Contemporaneous as data is recorded when observed
  • Original as data is accessible in the original form
  • Accurate as free of errors and complaint with the protocol

The data transfer from air sampler to PC is possible via Bluetooth for all air samplers or via USB cable for cable models only.

BAS SW simplifies the entry of user profiles and sampling programs.

Use and application

  • Food, Dairy, Beverage, Agro, Catering, Cosmetics
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  • easy to install
  • it runs on the local server of the PC
  • DEMO version available for 30 days
  • password to log in
  • 3 level of users: root master, administrator and standard user
  • different permissions for each single user
  • remote control of the air sampler (start, pause and stop)
  • view all sampling data, filter data, export data in .pdf, .csv, .ba (encrypted) or .xml (LIMS)
  • one software can manage and store sampling data from different air samplers, but the connection is always one to one
  • management of special sampling: active, passive, surface and gas sampling
  • in combination with CFU Photo Camera, it is possible to record the pictures of the incubated plates
  • it works with all air samplers, except with TRIO.BAS MINI

The operator can work on the BAS SW and set users and places of the air sampler directly on the PC, avoiding the manual configuration on the air sampler.

The configuration is transferred automatically from the PC to the air sampler. The same configuration can be replicated on other air samplers.

296 “BAS” Software - transfer data from instrument to PC via Bluetooth or via cable (for cable models only)
302 APP Android “BASAPP” - transfer data from instrument to Android smartphone / table

CFU Photo Camera

Complementary device to BAS software for picture recording of culture plates.

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