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Press Release N.2015-11-01

trio-bas-show-isolator-bluetooth-induction-rfid-webInnovations in Clean Room air sampling

The Division Microbial Air Monitoring of ORUM International in Milan has today annunced the addition of a new air sampler to the Trio.Bas Family.

The new unit is called Trio.Bas Isolator for isolators and RABS and offers all the benefits of Trio.Bas  with the advantages of installation of 3 sampling heads in the Critical Control points.

The main characteristics of the System is that there are not stainless vacuum tubing and the only connection between the internal aspirating heads and the external comand unit is a simple electric cable. No vacuum valves are necessary.

The distance between the command unit and the aspiration heads is over 10 metres which facilitates the use in large isolators.

The Trio.Bas Isolator is built according to the GAMP and ISO 14698 Standards.