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Press Release N.2016-04-02-EN


trio-basTrio.Bas Air sampler is proposed to customers who make a large number of controls, in different environments, with staff rotation and that comply with the quality standards and QM GLP / GMP. The use of 3 heads allows to carry out at the same time two samples with different nutrient media. The registration of operator, sampling point and plates used for the sampling take place automatically by means of a system of radio frequency RFID. As an alternative to RFID, this air sampler can be equipped with a BARCODE module through the use of a scanner (Barcode Reader) with Bluetooth.

The data collected by the Barcode Reader are transmitted directly to the instrument. This solution proves to be useful for those who already use culture plates with Barcode 1D or two-dimensional Barcode 2D (QR Quick Response Code). The subsequent transfer of the data collected is via Bluetooth between the sampler and a PC or Laptop equipped with Bluetooth. PC or Laptop should have a dedicated software (BAS.PC).

Recharging the battery is done by induction without any cable connection between the instrument and the charger. The Air Sampler is free of any external plug and is IP65 certified. The charging base is equipped with a system that allows, regardless of the auto-calibration already present in the instrument, to be able to check and possibly realign the state of precision of the air flow. This verification is necessary to avoid invalidating the tests between annual inspections of official certification. 

The most important customers are the pharmaceutical industries (and all those other industries that need to control microbiological air according to the GPL and GMP rules), cosmetics, medical devices, industries that package sterile products for third parties, hospitals, etc.