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Press Release N.2016-10-01-EN-TRIOGAS

trio-bas-show-sfondo-triogas-02Microbial Quality of compressed air and gases The microbiological monitoring of compressed air and bottled gases for microbial contamination is important within manufacturing facilities to ensure that product contact air is contamination free within sterile or aseptic manufacturing process. The TRIO.BAS GAS is a microbial high pressure sampler according ISO 8573-7 and ISO 14698. The TRIO.BAS GAS from Orum International S.r.l. in Milan, Italy has been specifically developed and produced to facilitate this microbiological test. The system is sterilized by autoclaving in a single unique body to avoid possible contamination during the preparation steps. The viable microorganisms collection is based on impact on culture plate like Petri dish. Sampling data are transferred via Bluetooth to the P.C. according GMP and GLP.