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TRIO.BAS™ Rabs Isolator with Satellite Family

RABS ISOLATOR is a stainless steel command unit which commands external satellites. It is possible to connect up to three independent satellites.
Each satellite is connected to the command unit through an electronic cable (up to 20 mt) which guarantees flexibility at the whole system.
The variety of the satellites (standard, with TRI CLAMPS or with HEPA FILTER) can satisfy different customer’s needs.
These instruments are suitable for pharmaceutical customers, where RABS or ISOLATOR are much more frequent and the little space limits the dimension of the air sampler.
The presence of multiple heads allows a continuous microbial environmental monitoring, according to the requests of regulatory authorities.
Sampling data can be exported for further analysis or controls by inspectors.


Isolator Rabs

  • 100 or 200 litres per minute flow rate model
  • Battery charger via cable (110/240 Volt)
  • Bluetooth for data transfer
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