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Press Release N.2016-11-02 TRIO.BAS Air Sampler for Pharmacy Clean-Rooms

  LOGO-TRIOThe most popular air sampler for compounding pharmacy clean rooms is the Trio Bas. This air sampler is requested by most of our compounding pharmacy customers as well as other clients. Microbial air samplers are widely used in pharmaceutical, personal care, food & beverage processing and environmental cleanroom applications. In addition, USP 797 regulations require that compounding pharmacies perform active air sampling in all Class 100 areas. The Trio Bas air sampler offers many advantages to the user including simplicity to use. Below you can download and view the user manual as well as technical brochure showing all the available models for purchase. trio.bas-guanto-bianco-3testateAn amazing fact about the Trio Bas air samples are that they need no plugs or external connections, and their battery life is 15 hours. You can choose manual or automatic functions and they even have a connection free induction battery charger. You can also program cascade passwords for your operator, manager and other people to ensure security. The Trio Bas pharmacy air samplers comes in various models including the Mini, Mono, Duo, Trio as well as Isolator in which you can hook up three independent isolator heads. These clean room air samplers connect with blue tooth printers, pc hardware, tablets and most smartphones and give an easy to read csv file that can then be transferred from your computer again by email, blue tooth or wifi. These Trio Bas pharmaceutical air samplers offer aspirating heads with a quick bayonet closure system and are 50% lighter in weight than any of the other air samplers on the market. They are suitable for use with a standard agar or contact plates as well. Available in 100 or 200 liter per minute flow rate, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. All Trio Bas air samplers feature an antibacterial technopolymer shockproof body with IP65 protection from dust and water. Bluetooth transferring capabilities to your pc or printer are an awesome feature